Springlade is a level 5 NPC Town located at 31,59 Knotwood Valley. It is where all new characters find themselves after leaving the Drakos Estate and remains a central hub of trade and fraternization for characters of all levels. Within its shops you can buy crafting tools, melee and ranged weapons, various armors and even a lottery ticket. You can also visit the appraiser to have your items identified, dismantled, or transmogrified and open locked chests.


Name Location Title
Peter the Messenger 15,15 Post Master
Darry the Waster 15,15 Peasant
Treasurer Fineas 15,15 Banker
Peter the Present Giver 15,15 Gift Vendor
Lottie Tuwinnit 15,15 Lottery Prize Giver
Troamond 14,15 Inn Keeper
Garic Crimestopper 13,13 Bounty Master
Afaoviel 13,16 Cook
Raine Swifthands 13,14 Springlade Thief
Greabeth 13,12 Healer
Cadethian 16,10 Stable Master
Sevealdan 17,13 General Store
Gweatha 18,15 Cloth Goods Vendor
Arral the Appraiser 16,16 Appraiser
Aevia 15,18 Leather Goods Vendor
Abila 19,18 Mail Goods Vendor
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