The Post Master is the NPC you'll want to visit whenever you wish to send items to other characters, whether they be friends, alts or complete strangers online or off. The interface is quite simple and based on the regular trade screen with your inventory selection on the left and bag selection along the bottom. On the right is what makes this screen unique. It features three buttons. Info  on the right you are probably already familiar with and works as usual showing details about the selected item. On the left is Free Post. Clicking this will take you to a screen with a text field for writing an optional message on the left and your Friends List on the right. After selecting a friend you can deliver any item free of charge. The middle button is Special Post. This takes you to a screen that again has the text field to the left but on the right is a search box. Here you can find any player in the game and send items for a scaling fee. As is usual in this type of screen there are buttons on the center bar that let you perform these actions on multiple items. One final and special button is located at the bottom. Click Money Deed to convert coin into a tradeable item that can be given or sent to another player or even placed in a bank vault or other container.

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