Could this be Oni?
Vital statistics
Title Troublemaker


Gender No one knows
Race Monkey?
Faction Pssh....Like Oni needs a faction
Health Healthy....until I find it.
Level 1000
Status Lurking.....always
Location That is the mystery....
Oni is a golden monkey, or so we speculate, that constantly lurks. While lurking, Oni has a tendency to fill an unfortunate player's trade bag with random objects. Pets have been used in the past as well. Because no one has actually seen Oni, many players believe that Oni is just a myth. This brings us to the question....Is Oni real or just a myth?

Sightings of Oni? Edit

Many players have claimed to have spotted the mysterious Oni, but how many of them are true?

A rare picture of Oni?


Oni riding on the Onicycle™!

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