Vital statistics
Type Expansion
Level 1+
Requirement Purchased Jurassic Wars expansion

Juratania is the name of the realm that players, who purchased the Jurassic Wars expansion pack, can access. This realm can be reached by clicking on Jurassic War Portal at Springlade.

Area of Interest Edit

Name Location Level
Spirit Druids Grotto 38,8 0
Dragons Bay 63,32 0

Outpost Edit

Name Location Level
Camp Lonesome 41,6 0
Camp Dustbowl 67,48 0
Bush Town 35,63 0
Camp Riverforge 16,64 0
Camp Eversight 43,71 0

Skill Trainers Edit

Skill Level Name Location Exploration
Patchcrafting Zoe Patchmaker 43,71 No

Spell/Style Trainer Edit

Spell Level Name Location Exploration
Poison Magic
1-4981 Redskin Foureyes 38,8 Spirit Druids Grotto No
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