Vital statistics
Type Special
Level 1020-1021
Requirement Joined The Reapers, The Exiles, or The Society. Completed all Faction quests.

Battlefield NPCsEdit

Type Name Location
Healer Vivana Anaviv 15, 87
Legendary 2h Sword Seller Bronzebeard Cleaver 93, 9 Freebreeze Keep
Legendary Axe Seller Carl Hillman 18, 80 Sandydale Keep
Legendary Big Axe Seller Petulia Limbcleaver 86, 32 Strongmoon Keep
Legendary Bow Seller Erun Laron 15, 62 Barrendown Keep
Legendary Dagger Seller Drury Worrywurt 11, 35 Pureheart Keep
Legendary Fists Seller Purty Clawpaw 63, 40 Shrouded Isle Keep
Legendary Gun Seller Sidney Sharpshooter 65, 56 Cragstone Keep
Legendary Large Mace Seller Gregor Longarm 88, 65 Lakeview Keep
Legendary Mace Seller Grigli Headbasher 71, 94 Knotwood Keep
Legendary Pole Seller Galas Strongarm 42, 15 Grimbrow Keep
Legendary Ranged Seller Hunder Boltpain 41, 85 Frostvale Keep
Legendary Rifle Seller Scarlet Mercy 61, 15 Proudline Keep
Legendary Shield Seller Kelpeater 12, 13 Silverclaw Keep
Legendary Stave Seller Kinnius Shortshrift 40, 65 Riverscape Keep
Legendary Sword Seller Yeanna Swiftblade 29, 31 Longtooth Keep
Legendary Weapon Seller Icle Frozentalon 79, 87 Coldbreeze Keep
Peace Envoy Harry Peacemaker 15, 87 Peacemakers Tent
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